Silicon Valley’s Dark Secret: It’s All About Age

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Facebook will lose 80% of users by 2017, say Princeton researchers

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Going social

A lot of facebook users are now switching to twitter. All social networking sites are based on email( sending and recieving messages).

The problem is that more we go social , more we add the noise(too much information). I think the problem with facebook is that it is more noise than email.

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It is easy to accumulate knowledge than to apply it

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The craziness of software-related jobs

IT companies are becoming more and more greedy:

This may be wrong...

The job market for IT professionals that make software (called it whatever you want, developer, programmers, software engineers, that dude that makes those awesome websites) is great. I mean, there are a lot of job offers and lots of possibilities. The unemployment rate is always kind of low in these kind of jobs. OK, that’s good.
On the other hand, it’s a crazy market. For people just graduated or with very little experience is a sea of requirements, applications and rejection. Today technologies are developed so fast and come into (and sometimes out of) fashion fast. Sometimes it’s so fast that it’s really hard to get to dominate certain technology before other that does the same is released. I mean, there’s a library called jQuery that basicly does the same as JavaScript, but supposedly more easily (well, the code sometimes is much less readable, but OK). Well, now every company…

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figuring out computer science

“What school teaches computer science right?”, someone asked on programming.reddit.

My university is one of the best here in Germany according to the CHE rating. We’re officially elite, yet, this doesn’t guarantee a good education. It is possible get a degree and have no clue about programming, math and science at the end.

The question was primarily about the programming languages used, i.e. do the lectures use languages other than Java/C++. The right thing, as implied by the author and the community, would be to teach cool languages like Ruby, Haskell, Erlang and Scheme.

Does the choice of programming language influence the quality of education? No. Learning Java and C++ is a good thing, since most of the software is written with those, but a teacher, who uses Java/C++ for everything, even when it is inappropriate, shows a lack of wisdom for me. Trying to explain…

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Heart of Computer Science

Algorithms are at the heart of computer Science. It is a powerful lens through which computer science can be viewed. Algorithmic competitions are to programmers what tournaments are to sports men.

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Women’s wealth …

Women’s wealth is beauty, leaning, that of men.

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